if you enroll for a virtual class, it will be conducted remotely using Zoom. The course will be taught live by our instructors. Due to the nature of this course, all contact with us about this course needs to be limited to electronic means. We ask that all our online-learning students direct any questions to during class room time or other times through email.

We will meet online twice a week usually from 6 – 9pm each class. The course will run a minimum of 10 weeks in order to meet the state requirement of 60 hours and meeting times are subject to change with advanced notice.

Course materials will be provided to you separately. Your assignments include reading the course materials, taking quizzes on the readings, writing practice appraisals, and participating in reviews.
Any announcements, cancellations or changes in scheduling will be via email to you.

Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a certificate of course completion that meets the ADALB requirements for a board approved course.

For accessing the course you will receive an email with the link to the online content weekly. You can log into the Zoom Room by clicking on to the link in the email or if you have the Zoom app on your pc or tablet you can open zoom and type in the meeting ID.

If you’ve never taken an online course before and want to know more about what skills you need to be a successful student online, check out Getting The Most Out Of Your eLearning Course: 10 Study Tips For Online Learners website where there is lot of helpful information to get you started with online learning. https://elearningindustry.com/10-study-tips-for-online-learners-getting-the-most-out-of-your-elearning-course

What you will need to do prior to class start

You will need one of the following in order to be able to successfully join the online training. A laptop, desktop PC, iPad or tablet with a working camera and speaker for two way communications is required.

All students are expected to be present at their camera throughout each class session.

EACH CLASS WILL BE RECORDED.The videos will be available for review by students for a period of two weeks after the class session has ended.

Be advised a smart phone or cell phone will not be acceptable.


If you have any general questions about this class, you can contact me through Email at info@autoappraisertraining.net I will respond to you within 48 hours of receipt of your message. If you are having problems getting into your course, please contact me at the same email address or leave a phone message at (603)689-9507.

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Payment:We accept PayPal, transfer funds via Cash App, Check or Money Order.
Once you have requested enrollment we will set up a meeting with you with Zoom in order to complete the enrollment process, and to be sure the Zoom connection is functioning properly prior to the start of class. A valid government issued ID will be required to complete the enrollment process.

Auto Appraiser Training Group

Phone: 603-689-9507 ~ Email: info@autoappraisertraining.net

   Mailing Address: AATG  c/o Joseph Cura  Q4 Snow Circle, Nashua, NH 03062

Phone: (603) 689-9507

Email: info@autoappraisertraining.net

To Enroll

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