Auto Damage Appraisal Course

Prepare for the Massachusetts State Licensing Examination
AATG's Automobile Damage Appraisal course offers the most comprehensive Part 1 examination preparation course for those who want to obtain their Automobile Appraisal License. Our instructors combine  real-world experience with classroom knowledge to prepare you to be successful in taking the state exam. The course meets twice a week, 3 hours per night, for 10 weeks (60 hours). Throughout the  program, students should expect to take several quizzes to demonstrate knowledge transfer. Upon successful completion, each student receives a completion certificate. This course is designed to prepare the student who has had at least two years auto body experience or comparable experience as a service technician to take the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Automobile Damage Appraisers License Examination.
Overview of the Course Content

Introduction of Insurance Regulations
The Policy as Contract
Law & Regulations
Parts Nomenclature of the Vehicle
Use of Flat Rate Manuals
Collision Diagnosis
Frame Damage
Cost Estimating



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Auto Damage Appraiser Course $595.00 Includes all classroom  materials and textbooks.

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(Any charges AATG  incurred in processing your initial payment will be deducted from the refund amount.) Refunds will only be issued once we have received the return of the class book.

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Auto Damage Appraiser

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Class Times Tue. & Thur. 5:30 - 8:30 PM
Start Date: Tue. Sept. 13, 2022
Last Class: Thur. Nov. 17, 2022